To reimagine the use of technology to advance worker data analytics.

Capturing data to increase productivity, job site efficiencies, and enabling projects to be completed on-time and under budget.

  • FCA is the leader in the delivery of actionable construction workforce labor data.
  • FCA manages worker time and attendance for your cost-accounting systems directly from your mobile device.
  • FCA leads the construction industry by combining products and services with innovative technologies that help minimize risk, increase productivity, improve reporting, and reduce cost.
  • Automated job creation and MWBE Participation reports streamline your compliance process and allow more field time for managers.
  • FCA’s early adoption of innovative technologies was the driving force in making us the industry leader. Technology driven workforce data and analytics prove to make jobsites safer and create efficiencies in productivity. 
  • Adopting new ideologies in our communal approach towards technology FCA’s Access Control solutions will enable company productivity gains at the worker level while creating additional economic insights when approaching future business.

  • Analytics and data provide problem-solving capabilities.  Leverage your workforce, detect loopholes, identify risk, gain compelling insight.
  • Construction sites create a plethora of data. Whether it’s regarding safety, site set up, equipment, or personnel all of these departments have historically kept their information siloed from one another. As companies begin to harness this data and utilize FCA’s dashboard in the decision making process the industry will see increased productivity and better predict future outcomes.

Reporting Dashboard

  • Streamline employee tracking. Reduce costly payroll errors and inflation.  Authenticate workers onsite. 
    •      Who is on the jobsite? 
    •      Are they supposed to be here? 
    •      When did they arrive? 
  • These are the critical questions that every jobsite needs to answer in real-time. FCA’s Mobile applications create accountability, enable job sites to keep their schedules, prevent work shortages.

Mobile Applications
  • Manage and verify compliance. Create uniform systems across subcontractors. 
    •      Safety.
    •      Regulatory. 
    •      Workforce participation.  
  • Smart badging is a digital tool that creates simplicity for running an organization and a jobsite. It eliminates administrative risks and allows each company to maintain focus on larger strategic initiatives. Maintaining this quality control from a remote location is more necessary than ever in today’s ever-changing environment.
Smart Badging

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