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Our Platform at Field Control Analytics offers a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your project, from initial onboarding to project completion, providing both real-time and historical insights. The onboarding process is streamlined through features such as worker registration, badging, and mobile app safety training, ensuring that new workers are efficiently integrated into the system. Once onboarded, this facilitates seamless tracking of the workforce, enabling monitoring of productivity and performance, as well as management of worker profiles across multiple projects. Additionally, this offers tools for effective workforce management, including in-app messaging, site access control, and comprehensive workforce data analysis. This integrated approach empowers project managers to optimize operations, enhance communication, and ensure compliance throughout the project lifecycle.

FCA addresses these challenges by making it easy to digitally onboard, track, and manage your EHS trainings and certifications in real time across multiple sites.

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At FCA, we’re your partner in building a safer future. FCA enables seamless digital workforce management, minimizing risk and improving safety through data-driven insights. Elevate your site safety programs with Field Control Analytics’s Mobile App Safety Training, robust worker learning management system, and advanced certification management. Ensure compliance and streamline operations with our integrated platform.
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From onboarding your first worker, to the close of a project, our platform provides real-time and historical insights 
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