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Field Control Analytics employs a robust Access Control Technology tailored to meet the diverse needs of different jobsites, ensuring secure and reliable access management. Central to this system are Smart Badges equipped with RFID technology, allowing seamless capture of in and out swipe data from identification badges. This technology enables administrators to grant or revoke site access remotely, leveraging the company’s proprietary database to verify workers’ identities and prevent access for those previously removed from the same jobsite. The Administrator App provides real-time data, facilitating remote tracking of on-site personnel via worker badge scanning using a mobile application. This comprehensive solution is integrated into all site access technology offerings, including handheld readers and turnstiles. The Handheld Reader, offered by Field Control Analytics, enables rapid scanning of multiple individuals from a distance of 30-40 feet, ideal for efficiently managing large numbers of workers at once, particularly at vehicle entry points. Compatible with Android and iPhone devices, the handheld reader provides wireless connectivity, enhancing flexibility and convenience in access control operations. Meanwhile, the Turnstile system provides a physical barrier to control access onto the jobsite, supplemented by motion sensor video recording to monitor workers entering and exiting. This bi-directional scanning capability reduces hardware expenses and ensures efficient access management. Moreover, the Turnstile’s open portal design facilitates fast pass entry, enhancing perimeter security and expediting onsite access, making it suitable for jobsites or entry points where stringent access restrictions are unnecessary, particularly for projects with budget constraints or limited infrastructure for fencing.
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Access Control Technology

Every jobsite is different, but all sites need secure and reliable access control.  
Smart Badges - Access Control

Smart Badges  

Administrator App 

Access control with real-time data lets you track who is on site from anywhere 
Jobsite Administrator App - Access Control
Field Control Analytics Pricing - Handheld Reader - Access Control

Handheld Reader 

Scan multiple people from a 30-40 foot distance for faster site access 


Control access onto job site with physical barrier 

Field Control Analytics Pricing - Turnstile - Access Control
Open portal / fast pass - Access Control

Open portal / fast pass 

Perimeter security eliminates single line backups, so workers can get onsite faster