Project Executives at Field Control Analytics

Project Executives at Field Control Analytics benefit from our platform’s comprehensive features designed to enhance project visibility, safety, and efficiency across multiple sites. Our platform empowers project executives with real-time project visibility and reporting capabilities, enabling them to keep all stakeholders informed while maximizing safety, minimizing project budget, and reducing schedule risk. Through our onboard module, project executives can expedite team mobilization while mitigating accident risks. Our digital onboarding solution simplifies supervisors’ tasks by automating manual processes and reducing workload, while smart badging ensures that only credentialed workers access the site, thereby enhancing safety protocols and reducing accidents. Additionally, onboarding the workforce before they arrive at the jobsite saves valuable time and resources.


The tracking functionalities of our platform provide project executives

The tracking functionalities of our platform provide project executives with crucial safety reporting tools, offering daily and historical workforce data for better record-keeping, inspections, and incident verification. Safety reports detail onsite workers’ credentials and safety orientation completion rates, ensuring compliance and facilitating audits. Automated job creation and workforce reports streamline compliance processes, freeing up managers’ time for field operations. Moreover, our platform’s management features include one-click reporting for easy communication with management groups across multiple sites, automated workforce reporting for schedule visibility and efficiency monitoring, and consolidation of workforce EHS certifications to maintain a safer jobsite. By cross-referencing verifiable onsite hours with certified payroll, discrepancies are minimized, ensuring smoother operations and compliance adherence.

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Project Executives

Our platform provides you real-time project visibility and reporting across multiple sites, so you can keep all stakeholders informed 

Maximize safety, minimize project budget and reduce schedule risk

Project Executives - Onboard
Project Executives - Onboard


Get the team to work faster, while reducing the risk of accidents  

Project Executives - Track 


Safety reporting provides daily and historical workforce data 
Project Executives - Track 
Project Executives - Manage
Project Executives - Manage


One-click reporting making it easy to keep management groups informed on multiple sites