Efficient Safety Management for Directors

Directors overseeing safety in construction sites play a critical role in ensuring compliance and fostering a culture of safety. At Field Control Analytics, we understand the importance of streamlined processes and effective management tools. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of Safety Directors, providing real-time tracking of workforce credentials and certifications to minimize paperwork and maximize efficiency.

Streamlined Onboarding

We recognize the urgency of getting workers on-site swiftly. With our digital onboarding system, onboarding time is significantly reduced. Through digital platforms, workers can complete necessary orientations and trainings remotely, ensuring readiness before arriving on-site. Access is granted digitally upon successful completion of requirements, facilitating a smooth transition into on-site activities.

Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

Field Control Analytics offers robust tools for tracking and reporting workforce data. Our platform provides daily and historical reporting, simplifying compliance assessment. With customizable reporting features, Safety Directors gain insights into performance metrics tailored to their needs. Additionally, certifications and trainings for all workers are tracked throughout the project, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

Efficient Safety Management

Our platform simplifies workforce management tasks. Directors can easily add and notify workers of new requirements as project needs evolve. Our one-click reporting feature streamlines compliance reporting and facilitates communication, enhancing overall efficiency.

Field Control Analytics empowers Safety Directors to focus on fostering a safety-centric culture while ensuring swift program implementation. With our efficient solutions, Safety Directors can optimize their time and resources, confident in the effectiveness of our management tools

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Who We Serve

Safety Directors

Save time and eliminate paperwork – real-time workforce credentials and safety certifications 

Jobsite safety and culture are top priorities. We expedite program implementation so you can focus on team interactions and site visits 

Safety Directors - Onboard
Safety Directors - Onboard


Get workers credentialed and on-site faster  



Daily and historical EHS workforce reporting simplifies assessment of jobsite safety and compliance 


Keep workforce safety and certification requirements current and track through one-click reporting