Reid Rubinstein
Chief Executive Officer
Melanie Laird
Chief Strategy Officer
Mike Rizzo
Chief Technology Officer

FCA has over 20 years of experience and continuous improvement methods to solve issues related to onsite and offsite workforce data and analytics. Whether it involves automating processes to improve jobsite safety and minimize risk or operational automation to drive process efficiencies, FCA’s solutions are the answer to improving safety while delivering project cost saving measures. 

FCA fully comprehends workforce challenges. We incorporate a field team presence of over 100 employees and boast over 200 active projects at any given time. 

Issuing the workforce with smart tags, smart stickers or smart ID badges is only the start to delivering accurate workforce data. Our holistic approach includes hardware to secure the site, a robust, user-friendly workforce onboarding system, workforce reporting that makes sense and a field presence to support project teams coast-to-coast.