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55 Hudson Yards

Hudson Yard State-of-the-Art Office Buildings

Field Control Analytics (FCA) played a crucial role in the construction of the new Hudson Yard office building. They provided advanced access control technology to Weitz Company and Turner Construction Company. By implementing FCA’s platform the construction management team ensured only authorized personnel could enter the site.

This access control technology not only enhanced security but also streamlined the entry and exit processes. Workers could quickly and efficiently get to their designated areas, improving overall productivity. FCA’s system also offered real-time monitoring, allowing for immediate response to any security concerns.

The Hudson Yard office building stands as a modern marvel. Located at a prime intersection near Hudson Yards, the High Line, and Hudson Park & Boulevard, it makes a significant mark on the landscape. The building is designed to meet LEED Gold standards, reflecting its commitment to sustainability. Standing 780 feet tall, it is a testament to modern design and construction excellence.

The building’s entrance is conveniently situated across from the No. 7 Subway station, ensuring easy access for employees and visitors. Inside, the building boasts terraces on the tenth floor and throughout its interior floors and base. These terraces offer breathtaking views of Hudson Park and Boulevard, adding a touch of tranquility to the bustling office environment. Additionally, the tower dedicates 5,000 square feet to landscaping, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness.

Field Control Analytics (FCA) significantly contributed to the successful and safe construction of the Hudson Yard office building. Our access control technology not only ensured a secure jobsite but also facilitated the efficient movement of personnel. Discover how FCA’s platform can support construction projects across the United States.




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