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55 Willoughby Street

Enrich Resident Experience for Everyone in Brooklyn

Field Control Analytics (FCA) is thrilled to announce a partnership with Nobel Construction Group on the construction of the 55 Willoughby project, providing workforce registry and access control services. FCA is bringing its cutting-edge access control technology to this ambitious 38-story residential tower. Our platform will make it easy for the Superintendents to know who is on site when.

The tower is a testament to innovative architectural design, featuring a striking multi-story podium, elegant setbacks, and eye-catching balconies that will transform the city’s skyline. The project places a strong emphasis on affordable housing and providing a range of enriching amenities.

For site superintendents, FCA’s technology offers tremendous benefits. It streamlines the process of credentialing and badging workers, allowing for quicker site access. The workforce registry tied to our propriety database is integral to this process. Additionally, our system plays a critical role in mitigating job site risks. We provide the construction management team real-time data on the trades, workers, and companies present on-site, thereby promoting a safer work environment. Moreover, it supports project leadership by offering comprehensive reporting that ensures the project remains compliant, on schedule, and within budget.

Our partnership the 55 Willoughby project represents a commitment to creating a job site that is safer and more efficient. A safer site ultimately benefits everyone involved—from the workers to the future residents, and the wider community.

55 Willoughby Street


Expected 2025


15,500 square-feet