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Covenant Medical Center

Bringing new technology & design to existing hospital space

Field Control Analytics (FCA) played a pivotal role in supporting job site safety for the transformative project at Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas. The project, led by Dallas-based J.E. Dunn and Teinert Construction. With a budget of $125 million, the team modernized the 220,000 sq. ft. space. They replaced an outdated hospital with a modern campus. This new campus spreads across five buildings. FCA contributed significantly to this major overhaul. They provided real-time workforce data insights. These insights were crucial for the construction management team. They enabled quick, informed decisions. This ensured the project stayed on track and within budget.

A key aspect of FCA’s involvement was enhancing job site safety. Their access control technology was instrumental. It ensured worker safety during the hospital’s renovation. This technology managed who accessed the site, ensuring every worker was accounted for. It also minimized risks on site. The technology’s ability to monitor personnel in real-time through badging was vital. This allowed the construction management team to focus on executing their tasks efficiently.

Learn how Field Control Analytics’ technology not only facilitated better decision-making but also ensured high standards of job site safety. We are committed to supporting our clients in leveraging technology to create safe, more secure job sit

Covenant Medical Center




JE Dunn & Teinert Construction

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220,000 square-feet