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Essex Crossing

Lower East Side Mixed-Use Project Creates Hundreds of Affordable Apartments

Field Control Analytics teamed up with the Consigili Construction to ensure the highest job site safety of the multi-billion housing project.

This massive project created 1,000 affordable housing for low to middle-income households and senior citizens in the NYC region. In addition, Essex Crossing includes a 15,000-square-foot open space, a new and expanded market, a dual-generation school operated by the Educational Alliance. A community center also operates, a rooftop urban farm stands, the Andy Warhol Museum attracts visitors, and 250,000 square feet of office and retail space bustle with activity. This project not only aims to provide housing but also to enrich the community with educational and cultural resources.

Field Control analytics solutions enhance job site safety. Our platform streamlines the implementation of safety programs, offering features such as in-app training and certification tracking. This gives Safety Directors more time to concentrate on team interactions and site visits, improving overall safety and efficiency. We are committed to supporting the construction of quality homes, and to ensuring the well-being of every individual involved in making these projects a reality.

Essex Crossing




1.65 million square-feet