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Made in NY Campus

Space for NYC Fashion Industry to Flourish

Partnering with Gilbane, Field Control Analytics brought our expertise in workforce management and site access control to the forefront in constructing a cutting-edge 100,000-square-foot media facility. This project involved revitalizing city-owned industrial buildings at Bush Terminal, marking a $136 million investment. The Made in NY Campus is set to host 20 to 30 fashion industry companies. This initiative will significantly benefit businesses and foster success opportunities within the local community.

Workforce management tools play a crucial role in such large-scale project construction. They ensure efficient scheduling, enable payroll cross-referencing with verifiable hours, and improve overall project management. These tools allow for better communication among team members and streamline operations. In the context of the Made in NY Campus, effective workforce management contributes to the timely completion of construction phases.

FCAs’ site access control technologies enhance the security of the construction site. They restrict unauthorized access, reducing potential safety risks. This is particularly important in busy urban settings like Bush Terminal. By implementing these technologies, Field Control Analytics and Gilbane showcase a commitment to not only innovation but also to the safety and efficiency of their operations.

FCAs’ advanced workforce management and site access control tools set a new standard for construction and project management.

Made in NY Campus


Expected completion 2024


100,000 square feet