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Miami Worldcenter

30 acres and 10-block construction site that redefines Miami Skyline

Field Control Analytics is excited to announce a partnership with Al-Farooq Corporation on the construction project of The Miami Worldcenter. This $6 billion master-planned development is sprawled across nearly 30 acres, establishing it as the second-largest project of its kind in the United States. Only the New York’s Hudson Yards claims a larger footprint. Our role involved providing site access control technology along with real-time workforce data and analytics. These tools were pivotal for the multi-year development, ensuring efficient management and tracking of the vast workforce involved.

At Field Control Analytics, we specialize in leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency and safety of commercial construction projects. Through our innovative solutions, we were able to offer Al-Farooq Corporation, and by extension The Miami Worldcenter project, unparalleled support in workforce management and site security. Our platform facilitates the seamless onboarding of new workers and empowers superintendents to track and manage workforce productivity in real time.

Discover how Field Control Analytics can revolutionize the management of large commercial construction projects, making them more efficient, secure, and productive. Join us in building a better future.

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