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Notre Dame Stadium

Making the beloved Notre Dame Stadium a Year-Round Academic Facility

Field Control Analytics (FCA) played a pivotal role in transforming the iconic University of Notre Dame Stadium by partnering with Barton Malow, providing cutting-edge construction site security and access control technology to improve the safety a of the site. FCAs’ tools ensured a secure construction site. This technology was instrumental in monitoring site access, allowing the construction management team to accurately track worker hours and maintain a detailed log of site attendance.

The renovation of the stadium was not just a feat of engineering and construction excellence but also a visionary project that expanded the stadium’s role in the university’s academic and student life. By adding Corbett Family Hall, Duncan Student Center, and O’Neil Hall, the initiative added approximately 800,000 square feet of multifunctional space. This significant expansion included classrooms, research facilities, spaces for student life, media and performance areas, meeting and event spaces, as well as hospitality services. These new buildings were designed to foster a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, enhancing the student experience far beyond the traditional game-day excitement.

The successful integration of construction site security and access control technology by FCA underscores the importance of such systems in modern construction projects. These technologies are crucial for ensuring site safety, improving operational efficiency, and protecting valuable assets and personnel. FCA’s expertise in this field demonstrates how innovative solutions can support diverse construction types and contribute to the creation of multifaceted facilities that serve educational and community needs.

Discover how Field Control Analytics continues to redefine construction site security and access control technology, contributing to safer, more efficient construction projects. Join us in our commitment to building a better future through innovation and collaboration.

Notre Dame Stadium




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800,000 square-feet