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The Hip Hop Museum Construction

Hip Hop Honored in The Bronx

Field Control Analytics (FCA) has proudly partnered with UAG and L+M Development Partners LLC in a groundbreaking museum construction project: The Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the revival of the Bronx’s cultural landscape. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, the museum’s construction honors the mark of hip-hop on both local and global scales. The project underscores the profound influence of this music genre on artistic expression and community growth.

The market leader in site access technology, Field Control Analytics brings expertise our cutting-edge platform facilitated efficient management of the construction workforce, ensuring only credentialed workers were able to access the site.

Field Control Analytics’ advanced workforce data analytics have been instrumental in enhancing the museum’s construction site efficiency and safety. FCA’s involvement in this project exemplifies our commitment to supporting significant cultural initiatives through our construction industry experience. The museum will provide a dynamic space where audiences, artists, and technology converge, illustrating the evolution of Hip Hop from its roots to its future.

This museum construction project is a testament to the enduring power of Hip Hop culture.FCA is honored to contribute to creating a space that celebrates the history, art, and community of Hip Hop. Through our participation, we are helping to build not just a museum, but a beacon for cultural preservation and innovation

The Hip Hop Museum



Project Type


530,000 square-feet