Does your work site have an automated and efficient way to survey workers prior to entering the work site?  Let FCA help you follow CDC guidelines in efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  FCA’s new Mobile Application is free for worker’s to download.  It creates a fast and efficient process to get workers onsite and includes a daily log for verification and audit purposes.

Reporting Dashboard

Dashboard providing a map of all project locations, a summary of who is on site, and the seven-day Census and Hours for each project.

Mobile Applications

It is a simple to use, smart phone tool to gather workforce data such as jobsite census, cumulative labor hours, individual worker certifications, and safety violations.

Smart Badging

Photo badges embedded with Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chips can be used as access control devices to open entrance and exit barriers as well as tracking devices to record times on and off the jobsite or even travel within the site.


FCA’s jobsite access control system is designed to channel RFID badged construction workers and other authorized personnel through control points equipped with RFID readers.

Drug Testing & Screening

FCA performs comprehensive drug testing services for construction projects nationwide. Drug testing can be offered as a standalone service or as a component of a more comprehensive background screening program.


ForceCount is the most robust labor data gathering and reporting application available on the market. ForceCount’s key components merge facial recognition with geo-location to ensure that a worker’s time & attendance is accurately monitored when on the jobsite.

Facial Recognition

FCA uses facial recognition software that applies advanced computer vision technology to our turnstile and mobile app cameras. 

Time Integrity Program

FCA customers are now able to monitor all aspects of the labor force and ensure compliance throughout their projects. This business solution uses industry leading technology to provide real time attendance and payroll data to its users.

Reporting Dashboard

Whether your object is to minimize jobsite risk, measure workforce productivity, document compliance, or audit hours, our user-friendly Dashboard provides you the necessary information - real time and historical
  • Labor census
  • Man hours
  • Real-time onsite head counts 
  • Real-time onsite hours by company and trade 
  • Automated demographics reporting of workforce participation 
  • Job creation and hours
  • Worker swipe data
  • Worker demographics
  • Worker emergency contact information
  • Worker safety training certification site hosting
  • Contractor hierarchy
Ask how we can help you integrate our data with your project management software!
Mobile Applications
We understand construction doesn't happen inside the job trailer. FCA's mobile platforms provide access control functionalities on-the-go, worker tracking and workforce management tools built with audit and observations in mind.

  • New COVID-19 temperature storage feature!
  • Track workers on and off the site where a turnstile is not feasible to the site logistics
  • Project management and safety tool features
  • Worker emergency contact information
  • NEW worker app, ForceCount, designed for small projects, interior and residential work - ask us about ForceCount!

Smart Badging
Worker badges provide a layer of protection acting as visual confirmation the individual has met the minimum standards to work onsite.
Smart badges do so much more.
FCA activates an RFID chip contained inside the badge and tags it to an individual worker. Only vetted workers with active badges can enter through the restricted access turnstiles to enter a site.

  • Each worker’s profile includes demographics and trade information
  • RFID technology captures all swipe data
  • Propriety facial recognition cross scanning software scans each new worker profile with FCA’s database of badged workers
  • Bar and QR codes work with FCA’s mobile applications and handheld badge scanners
  • Customizable by project

Jobsite Access Control
Allowing only properly vetted works to access your site is the starting point to minimizing risk on your jobsite. Separate the workforce from vulnerable populations like pedestrians and children by controlling access to the site.

  • Comply with local safety training law requirements
  • Capture automated headcount and man-hour data through the swipe date of workers entering and existing the site
  • Delivery of accurate workforce analytics that are actionable and verifiable
  • Full-Height, restricted access turnstiles
  • Motion detection-active presence readers mounted at entry and exit points
  • FCA proprietary mobile application

Background Screening and Drug Testing for Job Site Access

  • Uniformity across all project subcontractors
  • System safeguard ensure workers who fail a drug test cannot re-test for the project even if employed by a different subcontractor
  • Database houses all worker project information in one user friendly interface
  • Ease of administration - FCA directly bills subcontractors
  • Onsite and off site rapid and lab based drug testing
  • Identification badge issuance upon successful completion of background check and/or drug test
  • Random drug testing program management
  • 20+ years experience



  • Finally eliminate paper time sheets
  • Affordable worker-based mobile application
  • Track workers time and attendance at job sites where access cannot easily or economically be controlled
  • Online dashboard - real-time and historical labor census and hours
  • Geolocation ensures workers check in and out within the job site boundary 
  • Facial recognition prohibits buddy punching
  • Check in and out during the day based on tasking and cost code
  • COVID-19 CDC attestation for job site access

Facial Recognition
  • Facial Recognition adds an additional layer of authentication to enter through the restricted-access turnstile
  • Presentation of face at the reader must match badge template photo on file
  • Prevents passing back badges
  • Prevents buddy punching
  • Facial recognition equipment built and proven to work in hard, outdoor conditions
  • 100% match accuracy ensures quick & efficient worker entry
Time Integrity Program
  • Premium Pay
  • Multi-Contract Employees
  • Reconciliation to Site 
  • Access Payroll Without Site Access 
  • Non-Compliance Risk 
  • Employee Profiles

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