The Importance of Daily Construction Reports (DCR) in Project Management

Daily Construction Reports (DCR) or daily logs are essential for any project management team to track progress throughout the construction build. These reports provide information on what was accomplished each day, including the time spent by contractor and by task, equipment used, and percentage of work completed. Field Control Analytics helps contractors across the country ….  Read More

What are construction site safety orientation certifications?

Construction sites are bustling with activity, and safety is always the top priority. Whether you’re a contractor, worker, or site manager, ensuring that everyone is safe on the job is of utmost importance. However, with so many workers onsite, it can be difficult to ensure that all workers complete site safety orientation. In this post, ….  Read More

Keeping Construction Sites Safe: The Importance of Access Control

Construction sites are a hub of activity, with workers and heavy machinery moving about well-designed pathways. However, amidst all the hustle-bustle, one critical aspect that must never be overlooked is controlling access to the jobsite. Ensuring only authorized personnel have access to construction sites maintains safety standards and prevents accidents. As many dangers are present ….  Read More

New CDC Attestation feature on ForceCount app

Our clients spoke and we listened In this new age of taking every precaution necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the CDC recommends that employees answer certain questions as an attestation they are not experiencing any symptoms of the virus or have been knowingly exposed to the virus. Pen and paper questionnaires are ….  Read More

Field Control Analytics (FCA) and new FCA logo

As many of you know, FC Construction Services (FCCS) was acquired by Montague Street Private Partners earlier this year. In the first 100 days, Montague paved the road for starting development of cutting-edge technology and new product offerings. This road map includes a team of twenty-five developers and quality engineers, a product manager and a ….  Read More

UPDATE: FC Mobile App – New Enhancement

New Addition to Worker Temp observations – select the worker’s temperature starting at 96.0 degrees and upward at 0.2 degree increments. We are in this together. FC-CS is continuing to develop new technology to make your jobs easier as well as your jobsites a safe place for all. Sincerely, Your FC Construction Team

Sale of FC Construction Services to Montague Street Private Partners Approved

Dallas, TX February 18, 2020— On November 6, 2019 The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the district of Dallas approved the sale of FC Construction Services to Montague Street Private Partners, the winning bidder in the FC Construction Services bankruptcy proceedings. FC Construction Services is the leading software provider of access control and worker data analytics ….  Read More