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1390 Borregas Mechanical Facility

All-Electric Google Central Utility Plant Facility

Field Control Analytics teamed up with Lendlease on a sustainable and energy-efficient construction project. They worked on the all-electric Google Central Utility Plant. Field Control Analytics’ access control technology played a key role in project management. It supported the efficient and seamless workforce coordination during throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Field Control Analytics facilitates onboarding, tracking, and managing workers and specialty contractor teams. The access control technology was pivotal in this process. It allowed for real-time monitoring of everyone on site. This technology made it easy to know who was onsite and when.

Moreover, Field Control Analytics’ reporting was crucial for understanding worker demographics. It catered to large construction teams effectively. By using FCA’s reporting and analytics tools, construction managers could maintain a comprehensive overview of their teams. The tool also ensured all workers’ safety and certifications were up to date, creating a safer and more secure jobsite.

The benefits of Field Control Analytics in managing construction jobsites include enhanced coordination, improved safety, and efficient worker management. Their solution stands out in tracking and managing workers and contractor teams. This approach ensures that sustainable and energy-efficient construction projects like the Google Plant are successful. In summary, Field Control Analytics is transforming how construction jobsites operate. They bring safety, efficiency, and accountability to the forefront of construction management.

1390 Borregas Mechanical Facility





22,024 square feet