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Soundview Park Townhomes

A New Place to Call Home- Affordable Housing for New Yorkers.

The New York City Housing Authority collaborated with the Department of Preservation & Development and Field Control Analytics, leveraging construction workforce management software to launch a $95 million housing initiative. This construction management software played a pivotal role in the project that aims to build 222 affordable homes in the Bronx’s Soundview neighborhood, focusing on families, seniors, and homeowners. Utilizing under-used NYCHA land, FCA and Lemle & Wolf worked together to vet workers and achieve local participation objectives.

Field Control Analytics (FCA) introduces innovation in construction workforce management software, revolutionizing how teams and speciality contractors monitor site presence and maintain a safe working environment. The platform enables real-time tracking of site entry and exit, crucial for upholding safety standards.

Additionally, FCA’s software improves reporting capabilities, aiding management in reducing worker injury risks and efficiently tracking overtime to prevent worker fatigue. Compliance with community guidelines is streamlined, making it easy to know where workers check in and out.

The Bronx project highlights FCA’s dedication to community and worker well-being, setting new construction industry standards through collaboration and innovative solutions.

Soundview Park Townhomes


Expected 2026


38,596 square-foot parcel 120-unit multifamily development and 86-unit senior building