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200 East 83rd Street

Stunning Residential High Rise

Field Control Analytics (FCA) collaborated with Leeding Builders Group LLC to enhance site security services at the 200 East 83rd Street property. Through FCA’s advanced access control technology, they played a pivotal role in ensuring a secure jobsite. FCA’s badging system and worker management system significantly improved the security services, making it easier to onboard, track and manage workers with real-time data. This partnership resulted in a safer, more controlled site.

The 200 East 83rd Street property, a remarkable 35-story residential tower, stands 489 feet tall, encompassing 205,877 square feet. It boasts 86 luxurious condominium units. Additionally, the property offers 3,033 square feet of ground-floor retail space and parking for 26 vehicles.

FCA’s technology not only bolstered site security service but also streamlined operations on site. By implementing their solutions, the project benefited from improved efficiency in tracking and managing the construction workforce. This ensured that every individual on site was authorized, enhancing overall project safety and security.

The success of this collaboration demonstrates the critical role of advanced security and management systems in modern construction projects. Field Control Analytics’ contribution to the 200 East 83rd Street property underlines the value of integrating cutting-edge technology to secure and manage complex construction sites effectively.

200 East 83rd Street




 240,000 square feet