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Dallas Fort Worth Airport

New Construction at Country's Second Busiest Airport

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is transforming with the new construction of Terminal F. Field Control Analytics (FCA), was chosen by Walsh Group as the access control technology provider for the project. This $855 million project aims to boost the airport’s capacity and capabilities, and FCA’s expertise plays a crucial role in its success.

New Terminal Highlights

  • Double-loaded Concourse Building: Terminal F will feature a double-loaded concourse, allowing aircraft access from both sides. This design will streamline operations and enhance the passenger experience
  • Massive Structure: Terminal F will encompass nearly 400,000 square feet, adding significant capacity to one of the world’s busiest airports
  • Skylink Rail System Station: The terminal will include a Skylink rail system station, ensuring seamless connectivity across DFW’s six terminals.

Why Field Control Analytics?

There are many complexities to leading an airport construction project. Some of the top challenges include: ensuring worker and traveler safety; coordinating with aviation authorities, environmental agencies, and local governments. Additionally Project Executives and Superintendents must manage restricted areas and maintain a secure zones during construction. This all has to be done while minimizing disruption to airport operations.

FCA’s access control solution addresses these challenges effectively. It ensures airport construction sites remain safe and secure. FCA’s platform supports efficient communication amongst all project team members. In-app messaging reduces misunderstandings and boosts coordination. Additionally, the platform supports badging, access control, safety, certification tracking, and workforce data analytics and reporting. Construction management teams can monitor onsite personnel in real-time ,and generate reports for various project stakeholders with ease.

Learn more about how FCA’s platform and how our tools support a variety of construction projects types, sizes, and complexities.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport Terminal F Construction


Expected 2026


Project Type


400,000 square-feet