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John F. Kennedy International Airport

Access Control Provider of Choice for JFK airport construction project

Field Control Analytics (FCA) is proud to play a role as the access control provider of choice in the monumental John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) construction project. This $19 billion public/private initiative aims to give travelers a world-class experience through two new state-of-the-art terminals.

Transforming JFK Airport

The construction of the two new terminals will transform JFK Airport. Key features include:

  • Immense Size: Each terminal will feature vast spaces to accommodate growing passenger numbers, with streamlined processes for a seamless travel experience
  • Modern Design and Amenities: The terminals will include comfortable lounges, advanced check-in systems, and enhanced security measures
  • Local Flavor: The new terminals will boast popular local retail and dining options that reflect the unique culture of New York
  • Artistic Touch: Stunning artwork by New York artists will adorn the terminals, offering travelers a visual treat.

Partnership with Skanska and AECOM Hunt

FCA partnered with Skanska and AECOM Hunt, two general contractor leading the construction efforts. FCA was selected because of our proven track record of success in providing access control technology to aviation construction projects. Our platform simplifies workforce management, safety, and compliance. These are essential in aviation projects, which are complex due to their many dependencies and stakeholders.

FCA’s access control platform keeps the construction site safe and secure, even while the airport remains operational. Our advanced systems ensure only authorized personnel can access the site, mitigating potential security risks.

FCA’s access control technology also enables General Contractors to efficiently onboard, track, and manage their workforce. By providing real-time insights and streamlined management processes, FCA support Project Executives and Superintendents ensures that construction progresses smoothly and on schedule.

Field Control Analytics is honored to contribute to JFK’s transformation. Our expertise in access control and workforce management supports Skanska and AECOM Hunt and ensures the success of this ambitious redevelopment project.

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JFK airport construction project.


Expected 2030


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Multiple new terminals.