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Georgia King Village

Affordable Housing + Mixed-Use Development in Place of Former Parking Lot

Controlling access to construction sites becomes essential in managing large-scale projects like the Georgia King Village. This 78-unit mixed-use development stands at the heart of Newark, New Jersey’s Fairmont neighborhood. Its location is strategic, at the intersection of West Market Street and Littleton Avenue. The project includes 422 units of affordable housing, catering to a broad community. On the ground floor, an 8,000-square-foot space is dedicated to health care. Operated by University Hospital, this facility provides primary care to both the residents of GKV and the surrounding area.

Field Control Analytics (FCA) played a pivotal role in the project’s success. They streamlined the onboarding process for all construction workers. FCA’s system ensured each worker possessed the necessary credentials before stepping onto the site. This approach not only boosted efficiency but also enhanced security, controlling access to construction sites with precision.

The benefits of deploying FCA’s technology extend beyond onboarding. They meticulously tracked local hiring goals. This tracking ensured the project contributed positively to Newark’s economy by prioritizing local workers. Additionally, FCA facilitated the management of workforce data. This data was crucial for reporting to public agencies, fulfilling compliance and transparency requirements.

L+M’s partnership with FCA exemplifies how technology can transform construction management. By leveraging FCA’s capabilities, they ensured the project adhered to high standards of efficiency and community engagement. The result is a landmark development that serves as a model for future projects in urban areas.

Field Control Analytics revolutionizes how workers are managed on-site. Our system provides seamless solution for onboarding, tracking, and reporting. This project not only stands as a testament to Newark’s growth but also showcases the effectiveness of modern construction site management strategies.

Georgia King Village




86,000 square-feet