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National Urban League

Civil Rights Organization National Headquarters

Field Control Analytics specializes in construction site access control, enhancing safety and security on projects like the National Urban League project by L+M Development Partners. By implementing cutting-edge access control services, we ensure that only credentialed workers can access the construction areas. This was important for the Urban League Empowerment Center construction site located in Harlem in bustling New York City. Our technology played a crucial role in managing site access, providing a secure environment for both workers and the community.

At Field Control Analytics, we commit to creating safe and secure construction sites. Our construction site access control systems prevent unauthorized access, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of all personnel. The Urban League project, located in the heart of Harlem, benefits from our rigorous access protocols. This 414,000-square-foot facility stands as a testament to how controlled access can aid in smooth project execution.

The success of the National Urban League project highlights the value of our services. By controlling access, we safeguard the workforce but also contribute to the timely and efficient progress of the construction.

Learn how Field Control Analytics solutions can improve construction project outcomes through effective site access control and data analytics.

National Urban League


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