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Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Healthcare and Residential Space in Tampa

The construction management team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital used Field Control Analytics for workforce management and data insights for better team leadership on the 114-acre Johns Hopkins Hospital site. Located strategically near I-75 and Overpass Road, the new facility promises a unique blend of services. It combines a Children’s Hospital, residential units, and retail spaces into one mixed-use development.

This transformative project is set to become a cornerstone of John Hopkins’s ambition. Their goal is to lead in pediatric clinical and academic health care across the southeastern U.S. Specifically, it aims to provide unparalleled care for children in the Tampa Bay region. The Children’s Hospital will feature state-of-the-art medical facilities. This will ensure the highest standard of pediatric care. Meanwhile, the residential units will offer convenient living options for staff and families. The new retail spaces create a vibrant community hub.

The use of Field Control Analytics has been pivotal in maintaining project timelines and access control visibility. FCA facilitating real-time analytics and insights the construction team could swiftly address challenges. This significantly minimized delays and kept the project on track. Moreover, the tool has enhanced decision-making processes. Additionally, the tool has improved decision-making processes through comprehensive data analysis, essential for strategic planning and reinforcing team leadership.

The new facility is not just a construction project. It represents a vision for a healthier future for children in the region. Its strategic location and thoughtfully designed spaces are set to make a significant impact. The integration of healthcare, residential, and retail components underscores a holistic approach to community well-being.

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Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital


Expected 2028

Project Type


770,000 square-feet