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East 162nd Street

More Affordable Housing in The Bronx

Field Control Analytics (FCA) and L+M Builders collaborated to develop a 12-story building with 126 apartments. This project targets formerly homeless families, low-income individuals, and moderate-income households. The East 162nd Street Court boasts amenities like a community room, children’s library, computer lab, and outdoor spaces. Safety on the jobsite was critically important to the project team and FCA’s access control technology and platform made it easier for Safety Directors.

FCA’s platform ensures every worker is fully credentialed and has completed all necessary training before setting foot on the jobsite. This feature is crucial for maintaining a robust safety program. Furthermore, FCA’s platform allows for ongoing training requirements throughout the project lifetime. This ongoing education is a cornerstone of an effective safety program. By automating these processes, the FCA platform significantly reduces the time Safety Directors spend on administrative tasks. This efficiency gain means more time can be spent in the field, directly engaging with and supervising workers.

The result is not only a safer jobsite but also a more efficiently run safety program. The FCA platform’s ability to keep all workers’ training up to date eliminates paperwork and human error. It ensures that the safety standards are consistently met, aligning with the project’s safety goals. This comprehensive approach to worker training and credential verification underscores the project’s commitment to safety and efficiency.

The FCA platform serves as an invaluable tool for Safety Directors. It streamlines the administrative side of safety management, ensuring compliance and allowing more hands-on time with the workforce. This, in turn, leads to safer, more productive construction sites.

Easy 162nd Street





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