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Loews Arlington Hotel & Convention Center

Loews Arlington Hotel & Convention Center

Field Control Analytics partnered with JE Dunn to provide access control solutions to the sites construction managers in the building of the new Loews Arlington Hotel & Convention Center in Arlington, Texas. This project redefined the city’s skyline with its 22-story, 888-room hotel. It aimed to be a beacon of hospitality, featuring luxury guestrooms, expansive ballrooms, and resort-style amenities.

Field Control Analytics’ provided access control solutions to JE Dunn’s construction managers to efficiently onboard, track, and manage the workforce. This ensured the construction manager had a clear understanding of who was on site at any given time. By using Field Control Analytics’ system, the construction management team gained access to real-time data on workforce presence, enhancing the ability to verify worker hours.

Furthermore, this technology significantly enhanced site safety. With a comprehensive overview of the workforce, the construction manager could implement safety protocols more effectively. This was essential for a project of such magnitude, where coordination and safety were paramount.

Field Control Analytics’ collaboration with JE Dunn exemplified how technology could revolutionize project management in the construction industry.

Loews Arlington Hotel & Convention Center




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317,000 square-feet