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Modernizing A Detention Center

NYC Department of Design and Construction Queens Dismantle & Swing Space

The Queens Dismantle & Swing Space project, a key part of the Borough Based Jails program aimed at closing Rikers Island, demonstrates the power of innovative construction and data analytics. This NYC DDC design-build initiative focuses on deconstructing the 160,000 SF Queens House of Detention. Hunter Roberts Construction Group spearheaded this effort, with Field Control Analytics enhancing the process.

Field Control Analytics’ access control technology ensured that only authorized personnel accessed the site. Their system provided real-time labor data, crucial for efficient project management and timely completion. Field Control Analytics solutions offer unparalleled security, keeping the construction area safe and secure. Additionally, FCAs system facilitates accurate labor tracking, vital for maintaining project schedules and budgets.

The success of the Queens Dismantle & Swing Space project underscores the importance of advanced access control and data analytics in modern construction. Field Control Analytics platform ensures the project’s success but also showcased the potential to transform how construction sites operate.

Modernizing A Detention Center




160,000 SF