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MD Anderson Clinical Services Buildling

Austin Commercial appointed Field Control Analytics as the access control system provider for the cutting-edge MD Anderson Clinical Services Building in Houston, Texas. The 11-story building, spanning over 750,000 square feet, will feature laboratories, locker rooms, a pharmacy, an education/simulations center, and multiple bridges and pathways. These pathways will connect it to existing MD Anderson facilities. The project is slated for completion in 2028.

Field Control Analytics was chosen due to our proven expertise in delivering access control system for healthcare construction projects. Our solution uniquely supports construction management teams by digitally onboarding, tracking, and managing their workforce across various project types and complexities. Using our digital platform, Project Executives, Superintendents, and Safety Directors can eliminate paperwork, reducing manual processes and saving teams time.

Our access control badging system also helps construction management teams have better control over labor costs. Our badging system requires workers to be physically present to sign into the jobsite. This significantly cuts down on “ghost employees,” which creates greater transparency and reduces hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Our system offers real-time data and analytics, helping supervisors make informed decisions quickly. This technology enhances overall site security, ensuring only authorized personnel gain access. By reducing administrative burden, our platform allows management to focus on core project activities. This efficiency leads to timely project completion and cost savings.

Field Control Analytics continues to innovate and improve access control technology. We remain committed to providing robust solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our dedication ensures that projects run smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish.

Learn more about how FCA access control solutions can help save time and reduce costs on your jobsite.

MD Anderson access control systems


Expected 2028

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750,000 square-feet