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San Francisco International Airport Terminal 2

SFO Terminal 2 Renovation & Expansion

Field Control Analytics (FCA) partnered with Turner Construction to renovate and expand Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Turner selected FCA for its aviation construction access control expertise. FCA’s technology made sure only authorized workers accessed the construction site, so SFO stayed fully operational.

This was vital for safety and security, given SFO services approximately 10,000 passengers and 1,300 flights daily. Our solution made it easier to onboard, track, and manage the workforce, providing real-time oversight of onsite personnel. The project transformed the former international terminal into a 640,000-square-foot, 14-gate domestic terminal for American Airlines and Virgin America.

The project included passenger loading bridges, baggage handling systems, and mechanical and electrical upgrades. Additionally, the terminal was reconstructed as a high-performance green building with sustainable measures like energy-saving daylighting strategies and an energy-efficient displacement ventilation system.

These improvements enhance indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 1,667 tons per year. Consequently, Terminal 2 at SFO now stands as the first LEED Gold certified airport terminal in the United States. At FCA, we prioritize safety and security in aviation construction.

Our advanced access control solutions ensure restricted access for authorized personnel and provide real-time tracking of workforce activities. This comprehensive oversight is essential for maintaining a secure construction site, optimizing efficiency, and enhancing productivity. Moreover, our technology ensures projects comply with industry standards and regulations.

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